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Dessert dishes in Iran

Ice creams

There are many dessert dishes, ranging from Bastani-e Za'farani (Persian Ice Cream with saffron) to the Faludeh, a sort of frozen sorbet, made with thin starch noodles and rose water. Persian Ice Cream is flavored with saffron, rosewater, and chunks of heavy cream.
ice cream


There are also many types of sweets. The sweets divide into two categories:
"Shirini Tar" (lit. moist sweets) and "Shirini Khoshk" (lit dry sweets). The first category consists of French- inspired pastries with heavy whole milk whipped cream, glazed fruit toppings, tarts, custard-filled éclairs, and a variety of cakes. Some have an Iranian twist, such as the addition of pistachio, saffron, and walnuts.
The second category consists of more traditional sweets: Shirini-e Berenji (a type of rice cookie), Shirini-e Nokhodchi (clover shaped, chickpea cookies), Kolouche (a large cookie usually with a walnut or fig filling), Shirini-e Keshmeshi (raisin and saffron cookies), Shirini-e Yazdi (muffins or cupcakes, originated in the city of Yazd), Nan-e Kulukhi (a kind of large and thick cookie similar to clod inside without any filling), and more.

Zulbia, Bamieh

Three others- Zulbia, Bamieh and Gush-e Fil are very popular too. Bamieh is an oval- shaped sweet dough piece, deep fried and then covered with syrup (traditionally with honey). Zulbia is the same sort of dough, also deep- fried, but it is poured into the oil so that it twirls, then covered with the same syrup (or honey). It has become popular in other parts of the world, and is known as funnel cake in Norgh America, and Jalebi in India. Goosh-e Fil (lit.Elephant's ear) is also deep-fried dough, fried in the shape of a flat elephant's ear and then covered with sugar powder. Of course, no discussion of Persian desserts would be complete without one of the classics, Halvardeh. Halva comes in various qualities and varieties, from mainly sugar, to sesame seed extract, with pistachio, and Iran produces some of the best.

ّFresh fruits

While the climate of the Middle East is conducive to the growing of fruits, the orchards and vineyards of Iran produce fruits of legendary flavor and size. These are not only enjoyed fresh and ripe as desserts but are also imaginatively combined with meats and form unusual accompaniments to main dishes. When fresh fruits are not available, a large variety of excellent dried fruits such as dates, figs, apricots and peaches are used instead. The list of fruits includes fresh dates and fresh figs and Many citrus fruits: apricots, peaches, sweet and sour cherries, apples, plums, pears, pomegranates and many varieties of grapes and melons.

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