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Elma tour, your travel guide to Iran

Who is Elma Tour?

Elma tour is an Iranian cultural tour and travel agency which is established to make the rich culture of Iran known to the tourists. In Elma tour you will get in touch with Iranian architecture, culture, history, geographical attractions and tourist attractions in Iran.
Our tours are designed so optimally that after a 7 days travel to Iran, you will get in touch with many cultural, historical, architectural and natural attractions of Iran.
Each of our tour leaders are specialized in separate aspect of Iranian history and all of them are majored in archaeology. In Elma tour we have provided the possibility to get the most of Iran in smallest time and with minimum expenses.
Many aspects of Iranian nature, culture and architecture like mosque, palace, Hammam, bazar, bridge, holy places, ancient squares, ancient café and restaurants and gardens are covered in our tours. For each item, we show you one example!
With Elma tour you can try many kind of foods, sweets, drinks and traditional foods of Iran in best most and modern traditional restaurants.
Get to know Iran with Iran Elma tour

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